Business Philosophy

Our purpose and function stem directly from our core philosophy* that can best be summarised in the following way:

This flow of cause and effect relationships is perfectly logical:

  • If the Principles an organisation adheres to are right and individuals in the organisation choose to live and work by them, then the organisation’s People will act for the highest good of everyone in society.
  • If the People are acting for the highest good of everyone, then the Projects they choose to develop and implement as a team will also be for the highest good of everyone.
  • If the Projects are for the highest good, then the Planet’s ecology and environment will be respected and the Project will be truly sustainable in relation to the environment.
  • If Principles, People, Projects and Planet are all right and for the highest good of the whole, then the Profits from the projects will follow and flow automatically because true value has been created for all the Project’s stakeholders and profits are merely a reflection of the real value that has been created in the process of making them.

Principles and Values

Our business philosophy clearly articulates that the principles we hold and run our business by are the key to the realisation of the highest good for all our stakeholders and eventual profits for our investors and us from our projects. Therefore, we need to consciously choose and precisely articulate these principles or values, which we have done. The principles and values we at Raw AD strive to live and work by at all times, in all places, through all circumstances, without exception are summarised below:

  • Community – Doing everything we can to foster a sense of community and togetherness amongst our own people and all our stakeholders;
  • Sustainability – Thinking and acting in ways that are authentically sustainable for all our stakeholders, including society and the natural environment;
  • Integrity – Being honest, open and transparent in our motives for doing anything and in all our communication internally and with anyone not working for Raw AD.

We believe that the only way to ensure we adhere to the highest standards of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSI) is to abide by these values, our own internal CSI that ensures that the projects we undertake and their eventual results will be good for all our stakeholders.