If you are a farmer who would like to turn the problem of animal slurry and crop residues into a regular income stream for your farm, Raw AD have a solution for you!

Anaerobic Digestion (‘AD’) is a renewable energy production technology through which animal slurry and fermented silage is digested to form organic fertiliser and bio-gas. The bio-gas (comprising mainly of methane) is in turn converted into a consistent supply of electricity – a 0.5 MW plant costing £2 million will generate some 4,000,000 KWh of electricity with an up-time of 90%, which will attract a feed-in tariff of 13 pence per KWh, or £520,000 in total per annum.

Raw AD can help you to fund and install an Anaerobic Digester on your farm anywhere in the UK that will generate a regular and increasing income stream for you from the sale of organic fertiliser and electricity produced by the bio-gas to the National Grid.

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