Create Wealth

Whether you are a conservative investor who wants to minimise your risk and earn returns that are significantly better than other investments of similar risk, or you are an investor with a greater degree of tolerance for risk in order to maximise your return on investment, we are confident we have a solution to creating wealth for yourself and your loved ones that will work for you, the farmer on whose land we install the AD plant and society as a whole.

Our Wealth Creation Philosophy

In a time when so many economic and financial principles, and the institutions based on them that have been held to be sacrosanct for decades are failing, and the economic and financial situation in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world is unstable and uncertain as a result, we at Raw AD believe that the only way to create lasting wealth for investors and all our other stakeholders is to create real value for all our stakeholders by solving a problem they have, and that real value creation must be at the foundation of any investment opportunity we offer to investors or it will simply not be sustainable in the long-term.  Continue reading

How Raw AD will add Value and Create Wealth for Investors

The following diagram illustrates the benefits for you as an investor of investing in an Anaerobic Digester through Raw AD using an illustrative example of an investment of £7,000:

RawAD Investors

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How Raw AD will add Value and Create Wealth for Partners

The quality of the partners of any company in a multi-faceted project like putting up and raising funding for an Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plant often determines the success or failure of the project. Therefore, the Raw AD management team has done a great deal of due diligence and put a lot of thought into selecting the right partners to help to make the AD plant and associated investment opportunity a success.  Continue Reading

How Raw AD will add Value and Create Wealth for Society

Raw AD’s ‘win-win’ philosophy – that underlies everything we do – ensures that everyone connected to our projects benefits, which benefits the whole of society. Anaerobic Digestion (‘AD’) is a renewable energy production technology through which animal slurry and fermented silage is digested to form organic fertiliser and bio-gas. This turns the problem of bio-waste that produces undesirable greenhouse gases like methane, the greenhouse effect of which is 21 times more powerful than carbon dioxide, into an environmentally friendly solution for the farmer and society at large. Continue Reading