How Raw AD will add value and create wealth for partners

The quality of the partners of any company in a multi-faceted project, like putting up and raising funding for an Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plant, often determines the success or failure of the project. Therefore, the Raw AD management team has done a great deal of due diligence and put a lot of thought into selecting the right partners to help to make the AD plant and associated investment opportunity a success. All of our partners detailed below are recognised as leaders in their respective industries and have a great track record of success:

  • Austep S.p.A. engineering company based in Italy, with its know-how of the process, has extensive experience in the design, construction, management and control of plant for the production of renewable energy and it’s able to provide a comprehensive solution for the treatment of poultry manure.
  • Clean Gen Ltd., a UK based company focusing on agricultural genetic engineering, farming and the development of anaerobic digestion plants. The company is majority owned by its founder, Mr. Mark Falshaw, an agricultural entrepreneur who is a market leader in Genetic engineering of cattle breeding and has been working on developing for the last two years, several AD plants. He has very close relationships with the farming community in Northern UK.
  • The EIS tax rebate enables high enough returns to be earned to more than offset the cost of insurance and risk management in order to ensure that not only is revenue guaranteed, but real risks such as plant performance, safety and the security of the feedstock contract is protected by a default Bond.
  • Royal Sun Alliance - damage to the plant will be insured by one of the UK’s leading insurers, RSA. The liability risks will be insured by specialist insurer, Catlin.
  • All of these valued partners in any AD projects Raw AD manages will benefit significantly from their association with Raw AD and the projects through the additional business it brings them, so their ongoing partnership in the right spirit is ensured, again demonstrating the value of the ‘win-win’ philosophy that underlies everything we do.