How Raw AD will add value and create wealth for society

Raw AD’s ‘win-win’ philosophy that underlies everything we do ensures that everyone connected to our projects benefits, which benefits the society as a whole. Anaerobic Digestion (‘AD’) is a renewable energy production technology through which animal slurry and fermented silage is digested to form organic fertiliser and bio-gas. This turns the problem of bio-waste that produces undesirable greenhouse gases like methane, the greenhouse effect of which is 21 times more powerful than carbon dioxide, into an environmentally friendly solution for the farmer and society at large.

The organic fertiliser produced by the AD plant is also far more eco-friendly than its synthetic counterparts in that it feeds back organic nutrients to the soil that can be more readily assimilated by plants than man-made ones, which results in organically grown food with a higher nutritional value than food from soil fertilised with synthetic fertiliser, thus helps to improve the health of the nation.

The investor in Raw AD also wins because they have earned a solid return on investment over a three-year period with minimal risk of losing their capital, which brings them and their family more financial security. There is also more disposable income available to them, which will create an economic multiplier effect that creates more wealth for everyone in society.

Finally, our partners benefit through the additional business they generate through us, which allows them to continue operating and paying their employees, creating a further positive economic multiplier effect in society.