Your Needs

As an ethical, socially responsible and environmentally conscious investor, your needs can be summarised in three simple points:

  1. To create wealth for yourself in an ethical, environmentally responsible way
  2. To minimise the risk of losing your invested capital
  3. To make the investment as tax-efficient as possible

The Raw AD EIS investment opportunity meets all three of these needs more than adequately:

  1. Your investment into an AD plant on a farm in the UK will generate an average after-tax return of 10% per annum over a period of 20 years in a highly socially and environmentally desirable way.
  2. The risk of losing your invested capital has been virtually eliminated through a combination of a government feed-in tariff for the electricity generated by the AD plant, a plant performance guarantee from one of Europe’s leading insurers and a credit risk guarantee with Royal Sun Alliance – in case of default on the feedstock contract by the farmer.
  3. You will qualify for a tax rebate of 30% of the amount you invest that can be claimed back from your prior or current year’s tax bill and paid out to you or offset against your current year’s tax payments.

To find out more, read a summary of the Raw AD Investment Solution.