Royal Assent for Finance Act

The Finance Bill of 2012 was passed into law on 17 July 2012. This is important for RawAD as it enables the favourable investment structure we have set up for our investors. The capital amount that can be invested by an individual has been increased to £1 million from the half of that. The amount the plant can receive has been increased from £2 million to £5 million within a 12 month period, which is useful given the potential cost of some plants.

The employee limit has also been increased from 50 employees to no more than 250 employees, while the gross asset limits have increased to no more than £8 million before the relevant investment to no more than £15 million, immediately subsequent to the investment.

These changes apply to investments made since the 6 April 2012.  Anaerobic Digestion is a specifically allowed qualifying trade in the area of electricity generation and should benefit greatly now that the Bill has been passed into law.

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